lynn-marvin-dingfelder-jfk-signsIt’s the final week… and as we head towards the finish line this producer has many mixed emotions.

How could I possibly share all that’s in my heart?

Saying “THANK YOU” to all the fine people who have encouraged me … helped & believed in this documentary over these past 2 years… well “thank you” just doesn’t sound big enough.

My AMAZING editor/ director & dear talented friend, Larry Wiezycki deserves Sainthood & an Academy Award for the on screen magic he created.  We’ve been a great production team for many years now…  but I think you will agree … what he helped create is a masterpiece.

To my husband, John Dingfelder, my best friend, whose patience, love, guidance & support helped every step of the way, I love you & thank you.

I can also honestly tell you that I fell in love with all of my soundbites /interviews. Each & every one was heartfelt, special, generous sharing their time & memories. This documentary is YOURS.

To the great people at my PBS Presenting station, WUSF TV… what a joy it’s been to work with & get to know you all. From the fine people on the radio side, the terrific production facility on campus (thank you Jorge!), Susan Geiger who is one of the finest professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and of course JoAnn Urofsky, who embraced the project, saw the value & historic significance… and helped make my dream become a reality. Thank you JoAnn & my WUSF family.

I guess you can tell I’m going to miss this. Even ALL very late nights and all the stresses & hoops one needs to jump thru to create a documentary like this.

It’s been a great ride.

Thanks to all of you who called, emailed, shared photos & wonderful archival film. Thanks for the hours of background you shared with me … for trusting me with your treasured memories.

I hope we did it right by you. I hope you are as proud of this documentary…as I am.

And I hope you will join me on Thursday night, Nov. 7th at the Tampa Theatre for our documentary debut.

I’ll be the one crying in the corner.