jfk-lynn-editdesk1 Screening & editing can be a lonely place … unless like me you are spending each & every day with your friends.

Sure… they are all digitized right now & living in various hard-drives. J

Have been going thru the 50+ interviews we got with soooo many terrific people for this JFK doc.

One soundbite is better then the next!

This producers’  hardest job (after I finish transcribing & tagging everything with time codes) will be deciding what to leave out?  Soooo much good stuff!

Well I need to get back to work…  deadlines are looming …  but just wanted to give a shout-out to the wonderful people who took the time out of their busy days to sit down & talk with us about JFK in Tampa. You know who you are. A heartfelt THANK YOU!jfk-lynn-editdesk2

I’m really enjoying my time with you.